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Airport History and Information

smo_sunsetSanta Monica Airport is the oldest continuously operated airport in Los Angeles County, and is one of the busiest single runway general aviation airports in the nation. The airport is closely surrounded by noise sensitive residential areas, with over 130,000 residents within a 2 mile radius of the airport.

In order to mitigate potential negative impacts from aircraft operations and enhance compatibility with the surrounding communities, Santa Monica Airport maintains a proactive and extensive noise abatement program which includes a maximum allowable noise level, limited aircraft operating hours and requested VFR noise abatement paths.

When flying in VFR to dine at Typhoon, please ensure you have current Los Angeles Sectional & Los Angeles Terminal charts onboard the aircraft.

General aviation pilots approaching from the South may take advantage of the Los Angeles Special Flight Rules Area, which allows for flight thru the Bravo Airspace over KLAX. Please consult your Los Angeles Terminal Chart for instructions.

Please note that Santa Monica has a curfew between 2300 and 0700 hours local time, in which no engine starts, or takeoffs are permitted.

Please plan your dinner reservations accordingly.

Transient Parking


Transient Parking for singles and light-twins is usually available right in front of Typhoon and the airport administration building on the SOUTH side of the field.

Overnight and Long Term transient parking is available East of the beacon on the South side.

Ask ground control for exact instructions. Jets and Turbines generally park at the Atlantic Aviation ramp located mid field on the NORTH side of the airport.

Runway / Freq. Info

Santa Monica Runway and Frequency Info

VOR GPS-A Runway 21 – Click Below For Charts


  • Field
  • Elevation: 175 feet MSL
  • Runway 21:175 feet MSL
  • Runway 03: 115 feet MSL
  • Runway Length: 4987 feet
  • Runway Width:150 feet
  • Runway Surface: ASPH
  • Runway Slope: 1.2% up NE
  • Runway Lighting 03: MIRLs, VASI
  • Runway Lighting 21: REIL, PAPI
  • Maximum Weight – MCLW – (dual wheel): 60,000 lbs.
  • Left Traffic Runway 21 
  • Right Traffic Runway 03 
  • Pattern Altitude: 1,400 MSL Single, 1,900 MSL Multi-Engine
  • ATIS: 119.15
  • GROUND - 0700 to 2100 local: 121.9
  • TOWER: - 0700 to 2100 local: 120.10
  • UNICOM (after hours): 122.95
  • Hawthorne FSS: 122.5
  • VOT: 113.9
  • SMO VOR/DME: 110.8
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310 390 6565


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